Information for Sellers

Selling your home can be stressful, but it helps to have a caring real estate agent help you through the process.

I’ve gathered some info to make things easier.

Deciding your listing / selling strategy takes some finesse. Schedule a consultation with me to get a better idea how to coordinate when to list your home if you need to buy a home as well. <Schedule a consultation here>

The seller is responsible for keeping the home and grounds in good condition until the moment of closing. Even if you leave town or experience injuries, it is your responsibility to arrange for someone to come and complete the work - be it a repair or keeping the lawn mowed. 

I will be getting showing requests in an app directly from other realtors, when I let you know showing times, please respond promptly confirming that works for you. Many realtors are scheduling a full day of showings and if a time doesn’t work for you, it’s a great courtesy to let them know right away so they can re-configure. 

It’s important that you leave for showings at least 15 minutes before the showing time. Buyers don’t want to run into sellers and it can be awkward if there are people pulling into the driveway and you’re trying to get out of the garage. Realtors are often at showings early too. 

Please keep your home clean, no dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor. Also please keep blinds or curtains open so there is light in the house. And keep all the lights on for showings.